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MinMax Technologies, Inc.
Substation Asset inspection and maintenance
15950 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400
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Phone: 9729800000
Fax: 9724997205
Nand Singh
Booth Number: 2015
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15950 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75248
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Nand Singh
Phone: 972-980-0000

Asset Management
- Information Technology Consulting
Engineering Software
Fleet/Fuel Management and Maintenance
Information Technology
- Outage Management Software & Systems
Inventory Management
Outage Management Software & Systems
- Pole Inspection and Treatment
Power Generation
- Power Plant Maintenance & Operations
Substation Maintenance, Repair, and Testing
Transmission & Distribution Systems
- T&D Line Construction/Maintenance Services
Vegetation Management Services
Substation Maintenance and Asset Reliability Tracking
SMART with extended range
SMART with test results and facility ratings
About Us

MinMax Technologies is a recognized leader in delivering software-based productivity tools for utilities managing assets for substations, tranismission and distribution operations. Whether it is asset management, time- or condition-based schedules, work orders, document control, visual inspections, maintenance and repair tracking, inventory control, facility ratings or accurate record keeping for NERC or RUS compliance, MinMax has them all covered for you. Known for its simplicity and creative use of mobile solutions, MinMax’s popular Substation Maintenance & Asset Reliability Tracking (SMART) software has been featured in the T&D World, Electric Energy T&D, and case-studied by Microsoft.

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Event Information
SMART User Group Conference

MinMax hosts its annual Substation Maintenance and Asset Reliability Tracking (SMART) user conference in Dallas during the first week of October. SMART users learn the latest in the field of asset performance and the best practices using SMART software from MinMax and its user community.

Oct 04, 2017  - Oct 05, 2017
Dallas TX

Phone: 972-980-0000
NRECA Tech Advantage Conference & Expo